Visceral Work

Visceral Work focuses on the movement or lack of movement in the internal organs of the body and releases the tension of the structures, (ligaments, fascia and joints), that may be limiting movement. This is a gentle, but relatively deep tissue therapy with the emphasis on facilitating the organs to move and glide freely and on supporting the body’s ability to restore itself to health.

The lack of motion in the internal organs is often due to trauma; often the effect of an accident or fall on healthy internal organ dynamics is not realized until a significant time afterwards.

I have studied internal organ work from Mayan, Healing Tao, Craniosacral, and Myofascial perspectives.

This gentle work is relaxing and restores organ function and relieves pain and inflammation as healthy organ movement is restored. It can also improve posture, joint pain and mobility, mood, and relieve issues of shoulder, low back, hip and knee pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, cardiac issues, whiplash, vertigo, constipation, indigestion, incontinence, headaches, migraines, PMS, endometriosis, fibroids, GERD, impotence, sterility, post-surgical adhesions and scar tissue pain.

Therapeutic Value of Visceral Manipulation

Maya Abdominal Massage

Healing Tao – Chi Nei Tsang

Osteopathic Manual Therapy




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