This series of six weekly two hour classes will offer an energetic perspective on health building, guided meditations to balance your energy systems, and experiential exercises that can relax, balance and tonify the spirit, mind and body of the pregnant couple. Home practice with your partner between classes is enjoyable and deepens the benefits of what is learned.

Participant Requirement: Class participants must be in at least the middle of their second trimester of pregnancy. Comfortable, light weight, loose fitting clothing is highly recommended for both partners.

Class size is limited to six couples.

  • Definition of Health in the a Polarity Therapy Model of Health Building
  • Introduction to the Creative Process from an Energetic Perspective (The Three Principles of the Creative Experience)
  • Conscious Touch with Listening Hands
  • Facilitating Energy Flow with Cranial, Hand and Foot Techniques -- Self-Care and Partnered Techniques
  • Stress Release Techniques -- Energetic Resonances in the Body
  • Balancing and Relaxing Techniques
  • Perineal Toning




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