Learning Goals:

  1. Interactive, Fun Learning that is Relational with each other and with the Carrier and Essential Oils
  2. Safe, energetic and therapeutic use of Essential Oils for one’s personal health and in various professional applications
  3. Proficiency with a variety of approaches to determine what Essential Oils and Applications will be most beneficial for your client and how to best communicate what you are offering to them and how it may benefit their well-being
  4. Contribute to the Aromatherapy Course Syllabus to improve the next edition for the benefit of future students and as a resource for your future reference

Course Content:

  • During the course we will address the following topics (not necessarily in the sequence below:
  • What is an Essential Oil?
  • Preparation of products, Cultivation, extraction, geographical distribution,
  • Physiology of E.O. Action = How assimilated – Olfactory System, skin, Aura
  • Active Constituents, Chemistry, chemo types
  • Therapeutic Qualities
  • Indications/Contraindications/Safety
  • Historical Uses in various cultures
  • Ways used in Practice Today / Applications - products/ceremony/treatment etc
  • Carrier Oils
  • Practitioner Selection by Symptoms (System of the Body, Emotions, Endocrine Imbalance) and Energetics (Chakra, Elements, Ayurveda Dosha)
  • Vibrational aspects - tuning in, discovery process, dowsing
  • Blending - Aromatic Blend Balancing
  • Consultation

Grading Will Incorporate:

  • Class Participation, Class worksheets, and Annotated Bibliographies
  • Completion of 5 or more Essential Oil Comprehensive Data Sheet
  • Poster Project Content and Presentation
  • Final Exam may be written or practical at the discretion of the instructor – if written, it will be an open book exam using the course syllabus and any updated materials prepared in class – Exam questions may be from any resource made available during the course, but only the course manual generated by the class may be used for the exam. The incentive here is to create the most awesome class course manual, so that it will be of the greatest value to you as a future reference.




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