Nov 172012

A good friend, Bill Anderson of BAProductions, recently visited and created several videos for you all to see what I offer at the Spiritworks Healing Arts Studio and a tour of where I am located.

SpiritWorks Healing Arts Studio

This is a brief introduction services offered at SpiritWorks Healing Arts Studio in Whitefish MT, including a description of the Wellness Adventure that I offer with sophisticated healing technologies from around the world and the nature of my private practice with craniosacral therapy and other touch modalities.


Sailing into Whitefish

This is a tour into Whitefish, featuring soundtrack from The Jazz Collective, local jazz musicians extraordinaire.


SpiritWorks Wellness Adventure

A Comprehensive Orientation to the SpiritWorks Wellness Adventure with Healing Technologies from Around the world
This is a comprehensive 31 minute video, describing each of the modalities offered in the Wellness Immersion Experience at SpiritWorks for groups of 4-12 people. Cost is $44 per person for 3-4 hours, time frame determined upon group size.

Nov 262011

In 2012 I will be offering an in-depth exploration of working with breath, music, and art for self-discovery and personal transformation.  We will explore the teachings and life work of Stanislov Grof, the founder of Holotropic Breathwork and a pioneer in the field of Transpersonal Psychology.  Our three month journey will include on-line presentations, group breathwork experiences and sharing various related interests explored individually.  Interested individuals are asked to make a commitment to full participation after the initial meeting and then the group membership will be closed for the remainder of the journey together.  Call for time, date and location of initial meeting which will be held in the first half of January.  Please feel free to share this posting with others.