Jun 012008

By now, you may know I am being called to the great west with its beautiful and expansive spaces. Where I settle and the higher purpose of this calling is yet to become clear to me. I expect to continue my work with others and I hope to be closer to my granddaughter and to find resources for my oldest son. I am looking for fabulous skiing, national parks and wilderness areas near by, in a small to mid-sized community with recreational athletes needing my skills. I have rented my house for a year, and will be beginning this adventure in June. There will be a huge, not-to-be-missed, barn sale on Memorial Day weekend.
I thank you, my friends and clients, for your trust, friendship, and for choosing to work with me. Having you on my table, and in the care of my touch, has been an honor. Your time with me has allowed the blossoming of my highest purpose – to offer intelligent touch with focused presence, as a valuable resource for your health and well-being, one session at a time. Without you, this would not have been possible. Thank you for being the key ingredient in a profession I love. I am grateful for the ways my commitment to health building has benefited you and others. Know that your work with me will continue to benefit others as I travel, grow, and share.
I plan to return to the Upper Valley to visit my parents every three to four months. My first trip back east will be in the fall for three weeks. If you are interested in receiving a session or spending time with me when I am here, please let me know. I would love to see you as I am sure I will be missing each and every one of you.
If you are interested in following my adventures, occasionally I will be sending out a brief and hopefully entertaining email. Please let me know by sending an email to spiritworks@valley.net.
Since this adventure is still without the clarity of where I am going to go, who I am going to meet, and what I will do when I arrive where I end up, any help you can give me is welcome. For instance, sharing your favorite places, people, and traveling music (on CDs) would be a tremendous contribution and a valued gift from those I have grown to love and will miss deeply.
Thank you, and if you wish to see me before I leave in June, call me.
With deep gratitude and an opening heart,
Carolyn Dewey