Feb 222012

Mid-Winter Health Boosters
Mid-Winter greetings to friends and wellness seekers in NW Montana,

I have recently returned from an extensive family visit in New Hampshire.  Arthur and I are now happily settling into our new home.  After a wild and wooly 2011 with three major moves,  we are finally getting settled into a place we can call home.  Yeah!!!

I have a lovely home office and practice space for my Craniosacral Therapy and Therapeutic Bodywork Practice (see www.spiritworks.us for more information) and a phenomenal space for classes and wellness gatherings.

A couple of things of note:

Weekly Wellness Wednesdays 10 am – 2 pm
February 29th (take a healthy leap day) through March 29th, 2012

Come experience a full spectrum of health building modalities.
This an opportunity to pre-schedule 20 minutes of my touch therapy which includes Craniosacral, Visceral, and Osteopathic Manual Therapies (see www.spiritworks.us) and to experience the following state of the art healing technologies:

Migun Infra Red Therapeutic Massage Table
Helps with inflammation and spinal joint restrictions. MIGUN Thermal Massage Systems represent the fusion of Asian andWestern Medical techniques. Inspired by the effects of Acupressure, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Heat-Therapy(Moxibustion), and Massage, MIGUN Thermal Massage Systems provide you with total health, relaxation and balance.

Mediconsult Pulsed Magnetic Resonance
Man-made frequencies are interfering with our health and there are long term heath benefits from using this technology.  Research reveals that electromagnetic fields heal bones and increase bone density — and it is looking like the same is true for tendon, ligament, cartilage and other collagen tissue as well.  Responses have been found on psyche, metabolism, blood supply, cell and tissue regeneration, skin, immune system and the effects of electromagnetic smog.  This technology addresses pain, insomnia, circulation, scar tissue and wound healing, arthritis, osteoporosus, immunity, inflammation, stress, and PMS.

InfraRed Amethyst BioMat
Delivers the benefits of a Far Infrared sauna and medium “human” infrared to normalize a variety of important physiological functions, especially glandular functions. Also delivers Negative Ions, energizing the body for optimal health. Helps with inflammation and detoxification. Recommended for  cancer, hepatitus, diabetes, chronic fatigue, and post-surgery recovery. Improves Circulation & Cardiovascular Function, Improves Immune System Function, Relieves Pain, Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness, Reduces Stress and Fatigue, Removes Bodily Toxins and Assists in Detoxification, Burns Calories helping to Control Weight, Improves Skin

IONBath Foot bath
This pulsating field stimulates the flow of our lymphatic system (our body’s biggest sewer system – which is often congested) to release wastes (acid waste accumulation, toxins such as heavy metals and environmental chemicals) through the pores in the soles of the feet.
Heavy metals, acid wastes and environmental chemicals all have a (+) charge – so when the machine is in its (-) mode it is  like a magnet pulling these chemicals from the body. These wastes pass out of the body as molecules through osmosis, into the footbath, and then are attracted to the array and coagulate (like a magnet opposites attract) and might clump together. Many people report that their feet feel lighter, they have more flexibility and range of motion, and more energy.
Paraffin Hand Treatment – just for the deliciousness of it – nourishes the skin and eases joint stiffness in the hand.

You are welcome to drop in and stay as long as your time allows or to come for the full four hours and take advantage of all that is available.

Please time your arrival five minutes before the top of the hour or half hour.

The cost is $44 to walk in the door regardless of how long you stay.  The may be the most affordable health deal in the valley.

Please call 406 260-7098 for directions and to schedule your time for hands-on therapies.  Note: I will not be taking calls during this time, so call ahead.

Come and bring a friend and enjoy sharing an experience of nurturing yourself and discovering how you can facilitate vibrant health and have fun doing so.

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